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Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Brooklyn Projects (BP) is a world-renowned skateboard shop, streetwear boutique, and art gallery. BP was founded in December, 2002, by Dominick DeLuca, former pro BMXer, avid skateboarder, record company executive, and MTV VJ.

Before BP, DeLuca was the former owner of Brooklyn House, Melrose Avenue’s original skate shop and street-scene hub. Through the shop, DeLuca fast became connected with Hollywood’s A-list celebrities and top professional skateboarders, including Chad Muska, Eric Koston, Stevie Williams, Gino Iannucci, and Kareem Campbell. Brooklyn House’s first pro sponsored rider was the late, great Keenan Milton, who was not only one of the skate world’s most prominent talents, but DeLuca’s best friend.

As years passed, in response to the industrialization of the average skateboard shops around him, DeLuca sought to revive the heart of skateboarding in the form of a street-wise skate-boutique. With the partnership of “Hiro” Nagano, and “Merf” Osborne (an O.G. Venice skateboarder/surfer and established entrepreneur), the trio founded Brooklyn Projects. The store operated behind the design expertise of Niko (designer/visionary behind such companies as Evol, Osiris, and Circa). By offering a prime selection of top-notch skateboarding brands and street-couture lines, Brooklyn Projects fast became known as L.A.’s premiere skateboarding headquarters, with skate boutiques worldwide following suit.

Brooklyn Projects is also noted for it’s art gallery, which hosted Circle, the 1-year-anniversary for L.A. clothing line, The Hundreds. The group show featured such artists as Buff Monster, Craola, Mike Giant, and Methamphibian. Andy Howell followed with a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Projects Gallery.

Perhaps the greatest draw to Brooklyn Projects is the backyard mini-ramp which is frequented daily by such riders as Muska, Andrew Reynolds, Mike Carroll, Scott Johnston, and even skate legends Christian Hosoi and Tony Alva…

Or perhaps it’s BP’s regular star-studded clientele, including Damon Dash, Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Pharell Williams, Paris Hilton, Travis Barker, The Game, Fred Durst, and the collective members of Good Charlotte, Anthrax, Mobb Deep, Deftones, and even The Geto Boys. Stop by any day of the week and take a gander…

Over the course of 2005, Brooklyn Projects opened its own store in Hiro’s hometown of Hiroshima, Japan. The year also witnessed BP’s much-talked-about collaborative projects with renowned brands, including a skateboard with Girl Skateboards, and the DC/Brooklyn Projects/Methamphibian shoe!

The momentum hasn’t stop in 2013, another shoe collaboration, with footwear leaders Nike Skateboarding. And opening an additional location Spring 13 in Canada, Montreal. With many other projects in the works ’13 should be an adventurous year.

This is skateboarding. This is Los Angeles. This is Brooklyn Projects.